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Heat Tracing

TSS offers a full selection of electric heat and steam tracing solutions for industrial applications. Our options include:

Electric Heat Tracing

  • Conceptual Design,

  • Pre-Project Budgeting, Specification Support

  • Engineering Services:

  • Isometric Drawings

  • Distribution Panel Board Schedules

  • As-built Documentation

  • Fabrication of Customized Distribution Cabinets

  • Testing and Commissioning Supplied Documentation

  • One Contact for Procurement and Installation of Tracing and Insulation

Electric Heat Tracing Options

  • Self Regulating Cable

  • Constant Wattage Cable

  • Mineral Insulated Cable

  • New-Series Long Line Cable

Steam Tracing Options

  • Field Fabrication up to 3/8” Dia. Stainless steel or copper

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